More than 20 years have passed since JEP (Japan) Ltd. started supporting German enterprises as well as Japanese ones by providing a bridge between both mentalities.  To be successful in the Japanese market, Europeans should have a detailed understanding of the market as well as good knowledge of the Japanese business etiquette and mentality. Good language skills and the right contacts are essential.  Co-operations, joint ventures and strategic alliances with the right Japanese company are the best methods of effectively establishing a presence on the Japanese market.  This also leads to the acceptance of the company as a serious and competent business partner.

JEP offers the benefits of over 15 years of experience as the business development office of the German federal state Rheinland-Pfalz, as well as all the contacts we acquired.  We also have 9 years of experience as the official representative of Messe München, an international trade fair organization.  JEP makes use of its vast experience in business dealings between Japan and Europe as well as its extensive network of personal contacts in different industrial sectors. Especially with e-commerce and e-business in place it is important to keep in mind that the customer pays much attention to personal contacts.  JEP demonstrates great potential where intensive and individual support is required. Our offer is to assist you in forming your ideas and to assure the success of further business development. 

Please contact our highly motivated, creative and multilingual team for any further information or assistance!